10 Best Canadian Mobile Banking Apps 2021

Smartphones and various mobile services have no doubt made money transactions much easier. Most of the banks now have their own banking apps to provide better services for their customers. The days of making a visit to a local bank branch and updating account booklets are almost becoming a thing of the past. With these mobile banking apps, we can now easily manage our bank accounts wherever we are on the move. This post will give you some of the best Canadian Mobile Banking apps or best banking apps in Canada.

Today, almost all banking transactions can be performed using our smartphone. From deposit checks, transfer money, pay bills or check our account balance in just a few taps. However, different banks have offered their banking apps with different functionalities and features.

Our top priority here is to give a great banking app that provides the best overall mobile customer experience in Canada. There are certain features that need to be considered while choosing or selecting an app. Certain features such as user-friendly for easy access and account management. It should have basic banking features such as the ability to deposit checks, transfers, make payments, check transaction history and account balances. Also, the ability for customers to easily navigate to various services.

The app should have strong built-in feature security to make sure that your account is safe while using the app. The app should also have various tools such as an ATM and branch locator, tools for loans and other calculations. Alerts for account activities and instant customer supports are some of the most important features that a banking app should have.

Best Canadian Mobile Banking Apps

10 Best Canadian Mobile Banking or Best Banking Apps Canada

Below are the top 10 best mobile banking apps in Canada for the year 2020. These rankings are based on the number of installs, ratings, customer feedback and also taken into consideration the various rankings given by various surveys. Here are 10 Canadian banking apps and mobile banking services to consider right now.

1. CIBC Mobile Banking App
2. NBC mobile app
3. Scotiabank Mobile Banking app
4. Tangerine Banking App
5. Desjardins Banking App
6. RBC Mobile App
7. PC Financial Mobile App
8. Coast Capital Savings Mobile App
9. Meridian Mobile Banking App
10. ATB Mobile Banking App

1. CIBC Mobile Banking App

Number 1 in our list of best Canadian Mobile Banking is the CIBC Mobile Banking app. The app has an average rating of 4 on the app store and a million downloads. CIBC Mobile Banking app has been proclaimed as the best Canadian mobile banking app by various surveys and ranking agencies. According to various survey results, the CIBC Mobile Banking app provides the best overall mobile customer experience in Canada. It is also one of the banks which has the best mobile banking app for iPhone smartphones.

The CIBC Banking app includes features that most other banking apps do not have. It has features such as the ability to order foreign cash and open an account through the app. It is one of the Canadian banks that supports the Android Pay mobile payments platform, unlike many competitors. CIBC Mobile Banking app is frequently updated to give its customers the best mobile banking experience. The app is available for both iPhone and Android platforms. Let’s see some of the main features of the CIBC Mobile Banking app.

CIBC Mobile Banking app

Easy Access & Account Overview: The app has a simple, clean and user-friendly interface. The app has a white and red visual color which is easy to navigate. The app lets you log in with the same User ID and Password of your Internet Banking and also with your Fingerprint ID. Within the app, users can view their transaction history, credit card accounts, mutual funds, mortgages, and loans.

The app lets users manage their personal information and make service requests for their accounts. The app comes with an advanced search function to let users quickly search their entire account. The pages and charts are easy to understand and give users a consolidated view of all their holdings.

Deposits, Transfers, and Payments: The CIBC Mobile Banking app lets you make payments, transfers or pay bills instantly. Users can pay bills, vendors, tuition and many more right within the app. One of the best features of this app is the ability to deposit checks. Users can deposit their checks by just taking a picture and upload it to the app, the app will then process within a short time. Users also can also set up an instant, post-dated or recurring payments, and transfers money and add new payees as well.

Other features: Other features include tools for searching for nearby branches, ATMs and Mortgage Advisors. Useful travel tools that feature a currency converter, emergency numbers, helpful tips, Digital Banking Security Guarantee and much more.

2. NBC mobile app

Second in our list of best Canadian Mobile Banking is the NBC mobile app. With half a million downloads and amazing app store ratings of 4.1. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Like many other banking apps, the NBC mobile banking app allows users to check their account balance, transfer funds, pay bills, locate ATMs, use various tools for calculations of mortgage and other.

The app is designed to be very light and works on most devices. The NBC mobile app requires only Android 4.0 and up and for iOS it requires iOS 8.0 and later, it is compatible with tablets, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app is said to meet all personal banking needs, as well as specific requirements for a business. Let’s briefly see some of its main features.

NBC mobile app

Simple UI & Login: The design of the app is simple with a white and light grey visual color. The interface of the clean and easy to navigate around. The app comes with an advanced login security features. You can log in by using either your online login details or with your fingerprint or using the face recognition feature.

Account Overview: The app lets you check our current account balances, view transaction history. Within the app dashboard, you can also add a new payee and the kind of payment method to be used. It also comes with the ability to add your cards for fast transactions.

Deposits, Payments & transfers: One feature that makes this app handy is that it supports deposits of checks. You can deposit your checks just by using your phone camera. All you have to do is just upload the photo of the check you have taken and done. You no longer need to leave your home and visit your bank branch. You can use it for making various payments of bills. With the integration of e-Transfer® service, you can easily send money or transfer money from you to others.

Business: Unlike many other banking apps, the NBC mobile app can meet all your basic business requirements. Through the app, you can manage your company’s cash, deposit client cheques without going to a branch. You can also pay suppliers quickly with Interac e-Transfer® service.

Tools: The has some useful tools for calculating various investment plans such as your mortgages. You can also find the nearest branch or ATM easily. Also, easily find contact information from the bank if you need to contact them.

Security: Not only with the login security features but the NBC mobile app also uses high standards as used in their online banking. It is designed to provide for a secure exchange of information. It utilizes multiple security protocols such as firewalls, data encryption, and customer authentication techniques. So, with these features, your security is not much of a concern.

3. Scotiabank Mobile Banking app

Scotiabank is Canada’s third-largest bank and known for its innovative financial offerings. Scotiabank Mobile Banking app is the award-winning mobile banking app.  It lets users check their balance information and payments. It also offers a full range of transactional and money management features. The Scotiabank Mobile Banking app makes it easy to manage your accounts, make payments, transfer funds, and more. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Scotiabank Mobile Banking app

Easy Access & Login: The app has a simple, clean and friendly UI. This lets you easily access your account balances easily with the Quick Balance feature. With the Quick Balance feature, you don’t even have to log in to your mobile banking app to check your balance on the go. There is a simple tap that will show you your preferred account balances without entering your password. It has a red and white visual color that looks nice and attractive to the eyes.

Deposits, Transfers & Payment: With the Mobile Deposit feature, you can deposit CAD and USD cheques in minutes. You can quickly make transfers, bill payments, Interac e-Transfers, or Western Union payments around the world. Within the dashboard, you can also add eligible Scotiabank debit and credit cards to My Mobile Wallet for making fast, secure payments.

With the integration of Android PayTM, you pay on the go to eligible Scotiabank debit, credit, or prepaid cards. You can also digitize and store paper receipts with eReceipts and sync them with your transaction history. users can also set up travel notifications to avoid disruptions and protect your accounts.

Security and Privacy: The app is designed with privacy in mind and rely on high-security mechanisms to protect your privacy and financial information from login to log out. All transactions are processed behind firewalls and 128-bit encryption is used.

4. Tangerine Banking App

Tangerine is the first bank in Canada to introduce voice banking and touch ID through their mobile banking app. Tangerine makes use of Nuance’s Nina mobile virtual assistant and voice biometrics technology. It also has a Secure Chat feature that will enable clients to interact securely with the bank over a real-time chat session.

Tangerine Bank is one such bank that is setting the new standard for security, personalization, and convenience in transforming the future of banking. Tangerine Mobile Banking app makes your banking experience more convenient than ever before. It helps you easily manage your Accounts, review transactions, transfer funds, locate ATMs. It also lets you receive important notifications all through within the app.

Tangerine Banking App

Easy Access & Overview: With a beautiful design, you can quickly access your banking information. You can review your current account balances, recent transactions, and transaction details.

Deposits, Payments & Transfer: With the Cheque-In® feature integrated into the app, deposit a cheque just by taking a snap of your cheque with your smartphone. Upload the photo and the cheque is deposited into your account. You can register or manage your bills and pay them whenever you want. It also provides options to schedule ongoing payments. Transfer funds now, later or schedule ongoing transfers.

Fingerprint, Eyeprint, or Voiceprint: You can use Touch ID® on your Apple device to log in on Apple devices and allows you to identify yourself by recognizing your fingerprint and give you full banking access. With the Vocal Password feature, you can identify yourself using your voice for Quick View access. And with EyeVerify feature you can identify yourself using your eyes, capturing an eye print from your eyes’.

Alerts: You also get real-time alerts on your account activities so you can always stay on top of your money.

5. Desjardins Banking App

Fifth in our list the Desjardins banking app. Like the above app, the Desjardins app has similar functionalities. It is very simple and designed to make your standard business or personal financial transactions securely. With this app, you can easily get your financial information, no matter where you are. The Desjardins Banking App is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Let’s see some of its main features.

Desjardins Banking App

Easy Access & Overview: You can either easily log in with your user code or email address or Touch ID, Face ID and fingerprint. Once you logged in, you get direct access to your account and you’ll no longer have to log in again to use it. With the InstaBalance feature, you can view your current balances, statements of account or check your past transactions in your accounts such as checks, direct deposits, pre-authorized payments, etc.

Deposits, Payments & Transfer: Like the above-mentioned app, you can deposit cheques by just taking a photo of them, without having to go to your Caisse or an ATM. With this app, you can pay your bills, suppliers, credit card accounts. Within the app dashboard, you can add service providers and organizations for bill payments as well. You can also easily transfer funds between your accounts and between individuals.

Useful Tools: There are various tools that will help you to set minimum and maximum limits and goals to reach in each of the selected accounts. You can also open or close accounts, the budget tool to manage your budget, apply for a credit card or mortgage loan and many more.

100% Secure: The app is guaranteed 100% Secure. The app offers most of the same security features as the standard website. It is covered by the Guaranteed 100% Secure program which ensures that you are refunded in the event of online fraud.

6. RBC Mobile App

Last year, RBC Mobile app received the award for ‘Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among the Big Five Retail Banks’ in Canada for the second year in a row and also attained the ranking of ‘Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Canadian Mobile Banking Apps’ in the inaugural Canadian Banking Mobile App Satisfaction Study.

It is an app to let you quickly check your balances, pay with a tap of your mobile device, redeem RBC Rewards points and more. RBC has an app to manage your banking needs when it’s most convenient for you. The app is available for Blackberry, Android, IOS and Windows phone. Let’s see some of the main features of the RBC Mobile App.

RBC Mobile App

Easy Access & Account Overview: RBC Mobile banking App has a clean and user-friendly interface. It lets you quickly login with your account login credentials and has direct access to our account. You can view your account balances, transaction history, details of the loan, mortgage and investment accounts.

Deposits, Payments & Transfer: Like the above apps, the RBC Mobile App supports payments of bills, sending money or depositing a cheque through the app. You can also use your RBC credit card on your iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro to pay in any app that accepts Apple Pay.

Other tools: There useful tools to check your points balance, book a flight, redeem for gift cards or merchandise. It also has a tool to track Your Spending, quick access advice content, calculators, product information, branch or ATM locator, social media and many more.

7. PC Financial Mobile App

President’s Choice Financial® Mobile Banking is available for Android and iOS devices. With the new PC Financial Mobile App, you can pay bills, transfer funds, check your balance and do more with just a few clicks. PC Financial Mobile App is simple, convenient and secure. It is the ideal app for your everyday banking needs.

PC Financial Mobile App

Easy Access & Account overview: You can simply sign in using your PC Financial online banking credentials or register right from the app. You can check account balances on all of your current deposits, borrowing and investment accounts. You can also view past and upcoming transactions, including bill payments and transfers.

Deposits, Payments & Transfers: PC Financial Mobile App supports deposits by just taking a photo of the front and back of the cheque you wish to deposit. Sign the back of it and then select the account you wish to use, along with the amount. Upload and the app will process and will be credited shortly.

You can also pay various bills you’ve already set up in your PC Financial® Online Banking or you can set up new bills and future bill payments. PC Financial Mobile App also supports the transfer of money between your eligible PC Financial banking accounts or other banks.

Locate ATM: Using the GPS on your phone you can easily locate or find nearby PC Financial® and CIBC bank machines and PC Financial® pavilions.

Security: With the PC Financial Mobile App you can bank with confidence. When using this app, your information is protected under the PC Financial Financial Personal Banking Online Security Guarantee.

8. Coast Capital Savings Mobile App

Simple, clean, clear and fast, the Coast Capital Savings Mobile App does exactly what it’s supposed to do without taking up very much space. The app is currently available for Android and iPhone. The app performs various functions, such as viewing account balances and account history, paying bills and transferring funds. Let’s see some of its main features.

Coast Capital Savings Mobile App

Account Access & Overview: To log in to the app, you’ll need to enter the last 8 digits of your Coast Capital Savings® debit card number. Also, you’ll need to enter your Personal Access Code (PAC). Once you logged in, users view and manage scheduled bill payments and transfers, receive account-related messages, financial reminders and transaction history.

Deposits, Payments & Transfers: With Deposit On-the-go feature, users can deposit cheques with their mobile phone, quickly, safely and securely via the Coast Capital Savings App. You can deposit all Canadian cheques, money orders, bank drafts, convenience cheques, and certified cheques without having to visit a branch or ATM. The app allows users to make payments and also set up recurring bill payment and the app will do the rest.

In case of making an incorrect payment, the app lets you cancel your bill payment as long as the transaction has not been processed. You can also transfer your money between your own accounts or to other Coast Capital Savings members.

Tools: It has various tools such as to easily locate Coast Capital branches or ATMs and contact the credit union by phone, e-mail, website, and social media.

Security: With the Coast Capital Savings Mobile App, all your banking and personal information are super secure. The mobile banking app uses the same level of security as used in their online banking website.

9. ATB Mobile Banking App

ATB Mobile Banking App is a safe and simple banking app for ATB customers on the go. Let’s see some of the tasks you can do with ATB Mobile Banking App or the app can do;

ATB Mobile Banking App

Easy Access: Smart design makes it the app easy to use and pay bills, make a Global Transfer or send or request money via Interac e-Transfer ®, right from the home screen. – See all your ATB accounts and transactions in a smart display. Users can designate their favorite accounts for convenient access. View additional transaction details including failed or unsuccessful transaction notifications details. Mastercard customers can see both posted and pending transactions, as well as additional account details.

Deposits & Payments: Quickly and securely deposit cheques with your phone camera. No need to find a branch. You can also transfer money from your account to other accounts. You can pay bills or loans, and set up automatic payments as well.

Tools: The app’s management tool such as ATB TrackIt™, helps you keep track of your finances so you can stick to your budget. You can also make better financial decisions with help from our easy-to-use calculators and planners.

Security: You can count on the protection of Enhanced Security – the two-step verification feature that ensures it’s really you making a transaction. Enjoy the convenience of Fingerprint Authentication and get a real-time notification on your account activities.

10. Meridian Mobile Banking App

With the Meridian Mobile Banking app, you can anytime pay bills, deposit cheques, view account information, transfer funds on the go anywhere. Like the apps we have mentioned above, the Meridian Mobile Banking App has similar functions.

Meridian Mobile Banking App

Easy Access & Account Overview: Login is easy, you just have to enter your Member Number and let it remember the app so that you won’t have to enter again the next time. The is simple and easy to navigate around with a white and blue visual color. You can view your current balances, transactions, and switch between your Meridian accounts. You can also update your password and open new products.

Deposits, Payments & Transfer: The Meridian Mobile Banking App allows users to pay bills, make transfers and deposit cheques. The apps allow users to deposits by just uploading a snap of the check. With the Money Mover service, users can transfer money to any Meridian accounts including other Canadian financial institutions.

Users can also send money via email to anyone in Canada through Interac e-Transfer®. It also offers Mobile Pay which turns your mobile phone into a debit card, so you can now pay using INTERAC Flash® across Canada.

Tools: The app has some useful tools such as a locator tool to remotely find the nearest Meridian ABM or branch or one of the over 3,300 surcharge-free ABMs available through THE EXCHANGE® Network.

Security: Banking with the Meridian Mobile Banking App is secured and they use the same security features used in online banking.

Other notable banking apps in Canada that are Vancity, TD Canada Trust, Alterna Savings, Blueshore Financial, BMO Bank of Montreal, Canadian Direct Financial and HSBC banking apps. All these have similar apps in their functions and features like the above-mentioned apps on the list.

That concludes our list of best banking apps in Canada 2021.


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