25 Best Cashback Apps and Websites That Are Worth Using

In this post, we are going to give some of the best cashback apps and websites that you can use for shopping. These are the apps and websites that have to do with retail in stores, online, etc. So if you like to get cashback and save money and get money redeemed for shopping.

25 Best Cashback Apps and Websites

These are the apps that you can use and the websites that you can use to get as much money back as possible.

Best Cashback Apps and Websites


1. ibotta

So the first one in our list of best cashback apps is called ibotta, it is frequently at like the editor’s choice list on Google Play. It’s one of the most highly rated on this list. And it basically pays you to scan receipts and get cash back for grocery shopping, retail, shopping, etc. So you can see on the website or on the app, screenshots, all the different types of stores that they promote.

It provides different ways that you can redeem your money through PayPal, Venmo or other gift cards. They’ve paid out over $371 million. So basically, you go shopping as normal, you take a picture of your receipt through the ibotta app with your smartphone, and then you get money back from different specific purchases.

2. Shopkick

Shopkick is more for people who like to shop in person. So Shopkick, basically gives you points for walking in stores. Let’s say you’re at a mall, or you’re at an area where there’s a lot of retail stores around, you’re just walking around the sidewalk. You can probably get points just for walking close to those buildings. Then you also get points for scanning items in the store.

You also get points for buying things in the store with a card you have on file with your shop kick account. And you can also do it online now. They have online partners as well, but they kind of started as an in-store type of app. They give you money back for shopping a lot of different ways of going to stores, etc. So Shopkicks is also a very popular one. You may have heard of it already and you can get the app for both Apple and Android devices. Shopkick is among the best cashback apps, give it a try.

3. eBay

eBay is a really good one, they also have a Chrome extension if you use your Google Chrome browser. You can go to the Chrome store and get the free extension for eBay and it’s called eBay the free cashback shopping assistant. So if you get that, you just sign up for free@ebay.com you get a lot of different stores that they’re partnered with. I think there’s like 20,000 or something like that. And you can see all these different stores, you can get up to 10%, back at Walmart, 10% of Neiman Marcus, up to 3% of eBay, Blue Apron, Expedia, Michael Kors.

So they have big companies, small companies, travel, retail, all kinds of stuff on eBay. So you can also get an app for your phone as well as the Chrome extension or just use the website. So I recommend using the Chrome extension if you’re using it on your computer, and it’s a really good way to get cashback. Of course, you can refer people as well to get even more money, if your friends want to try it as well.

4. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is among the best cashback apps available for both Apple and Android devices as well. It’s more similar to ibotta. There’s another really highly rated one that pays you basically for grocery shopping. For the most part, you can also do things like other things as well. They also include restaurants and stuff now. But you also have the slot machines that you can do for bonus points. And then you can pay to get paid via PayPal, Amazon or others as well. So, again, another great one, especially for grocery shopping and stuff, you just scan your receipt with your free receipt hog app for whichever device you have, and then you get cash back for certain purchases of certain items.

5. Swagbucks

This one has a lot of different choices. And not only do you get $10 just to join and sign up. But you also have the different choices of being able to earn for coupons and cash back for shopping, watching videos, taking surveys, doing deals and other stuff. You can also buy gift cards at discounted rates and stuff. Swagbucks is available now for both Android and Apple devices as an app, and you can also use the website as well.

Like for instance, if you’re interested in the coupons and cashback part, you can click on that on the home website and look at that section. They also have like a YouTube-style platform where they have all kinds of videos, you can watch and earn points for that. They have a lot of different stores and stuff. Local deals, all kinds of things that you can use to get cashback.

6. Checkout 51

It’s more similar to like an ibotta where you can do grocery shopping, and they get new offers every Thursday. And they have basically the same type deal where you can scan pictures of you. You can take advantage of different items and getting cashback from specific items that are within their deals database. They have an app for both Android and Apple devices. And it’s pretty straightforward. You can use Checkout 51 to get cashback for grocery shopping as well. So of course, it also helps to get as many of these as possible. so you can get as much cashback and cover as many items as possible that are on your list.

7. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards pays you as well for getting cashback. You can use different brands, use different products, and scan your grocery receipts as well. You earn points and then you get rewards which you redeem via gift cards. So very similar again to like a Receipt Hog, checkout 51, ibotta. You might be surprised how many of those are out there but they include gas stations. They include all kinds of places, even pharmacies like CVS, as well as grocery stores like a major chain. They have Whole Foods, Kroger, and places like Fry’s electronics. So they have wide different things to choose from different items and get cashback on. Plus they have an app for both Apple and Android devices.

8. Trunow

Trunow also pays you to scan receipts, get cashback for scanning those receipts through the app. But, they basically focus on a gas station. So if you get gas and you get your receipts. You actually might want to receive the receipts instead of bypassing that opportunity like a lot of people do when they’re at the pump. If you get your receipt you scan with Trunow.

You can get a few percentage points of money back every time you do that. It will show you different gas stations that are involved and other things as well. If you get chips or something you might get cashback on that as well. Trunow is another one that focuses more on gas stations for cashback.

9. BerryCart

BerryCart is cashback for all sorts of items that you get in a grocery store and these are for healthy choices. So if you go for more natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, grass-fed, none cage,cage-free, whatever all this type of stuff. If you’re more of a healthy eater BerryCart will probably apply more to your shopping list than a normal life. So for healthy foods and getting cash back for scanning those types of receipts, we would recommend BerryCart.com. You can also get the app on the app stores.

10. Punchcard

Punchcard gives you cashback for submitting receipts from retailers, typically in your local area. It doesn’t really matter what you buy as long as retailers partnered with Punchcard. So instead of giving you cashback for like specific things that you buy, like specific foods and stuff. You might get money back from shopping at a lot of different shops like mom and pop shops, small businesses and stuff. Or even major chains as well as McDonald’s, CVS, BestBuy, Best Buy Cetera. So they have a pretty good variety of things, and you don’t have to buy specific items.

11. Receipt Pal.

You can go to receiptpalapp.com to check them out. And it’s kind of similar to Yarrow. If you’ve ever heard of Carlo, you earn points on receipts, no matter what products you buy by hand. Or where you buy them, it’s not one that gives you a signup bonus. But it’s another one that just gives you like an app for either Apple or Android devices. You snap a photo of your receipt, you submit it, they validate it, and then you get like a certain amount back. So it is based on how many receipts you’ve done. How many receipts you’ve scanned. Whereas a lot of them go based on the products are based on certain stores and stuff.

12. Drop

Drop actually gives you a $1 registration bonus, and it’s getting more and more popular. You visit retailers and stuff like that and you link a debit or credit card to your account. Then they will give you cashback for doing that. So you get like a bonus for doing it like $1 bonus or something. When you add your card, whatever credit card or debit card you’re going to use.

Once you reach a certain amount of spending points instead of you having to actually apply for the credit card. You get a certain type of cashback card. They give you cashback for just using the card that you put on file. With this company, it’s so much easier way of getting cash back from your card.

So instead of having to go to a specific place by specific things, you register your card and it’s like a cashback credit card without having to worry about your credit and applying for the card. That is drop, you can go to earn with drop.com.

13. TopCashback

TopCashback they do have a $10 registration bonus. It’s more of like a shopping portal, which you could probably compare this to something like eBay. It’s a portal where you basically go through this site and buy something and then you get cash back for it. They’re featuring Amazon, eBay, and many other shopping sites. So you browse these different sites, they have thousands of retailers, shop and buy stuff and then you earn cashback. And they get a commission and they give you a portion of that commission basically. And that’s how it works. So they also have a mobile app as well that you can use.

14. BeFrugal

BeFrugal does have a $10 sign up bonus as well. You’re in up to 40% cashback at 5000 plus stores. This is another portal type site where it’s similar to something like eBay or TopCashback. First when you’re shopping, and when you check out your cart when you’re shopping online. Then you can cash out via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, American Express gift cards, etc. You can actually get bonuses when you use Amazon or American Express gift cards. They give you a bonus of like 3% when you cash out using those after you’ve accumulated some cashback in your total.

15. Honey

Honey is another one and it’s more automated than a lot of them which is really nice. It tries to find you the best prices. It’s a Chrome extension that you can get. It’s like eBay but it runs automatically through like coupon. So instead of you having to type in like coupon code that you found from Groupon or others, it does it for you using their tech. However, they do it with their software and goes through a bunch of different types of coupon codes and stuff. If it finds one, it keeps it in there and then you can activate it and get cashback through that. So honey is like an eBay or something, but it’s like in between a Groupon and an eBay type of thing.

16. Dosh

Dosh is also an app that you can get for your Android or Apple device. You can go to dosh.cash if you want to visit their website. It tracks your spending and gives you cashback for purchases. You make it certain places that they’re partnered with. So you might get like 7% cashback on different restaurants and breweries and stuff that is nearby. So if you like to dine out, it’s a really good one for sure.

If you want to dine out and places nearby where you live, and then you can refer friends as well and get $5 for each one who signs up. Just link your verified card, and you can transfer your cash and get straight to your bank account, PayPal, donate to charity, etc. So again, you get cashback for a lot of different retailers and stuff. But they also include restaurants, breweries, and others. This app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

17. Ernie

You can go to Ernie.co you can see. it’s another one where you can sign up and get refunds. If the price changes and it goes down after you’ve already bought something, so it’s very similar to Paribus. So if you buy something and you have your email link down there, and will automatically find when the price goes down and it’ll give you the difference between when you bought it at the higher price and what it is now. So it’s a really nice just automated way to get refunds and stuff like that.

18. YouPromise

This is another cashback program and it’s more related to like Dosh and Drop. It tracks your credit card spending in the background and gives you cashback on eligible purchases. So if you like the idea of getting a cashback credit card without having to do all the hassle of getting a new credit card. Then YouPromise might be a good one for you to check out. You can go to youpromise.com and they have like a bunch of different plans. They can help you with student loans as well. And you can help pay through that.they have all kinds of stuff. They’re really big on helping you save for college and those types of things.

19. Uber

This is just a regular Uber app. This isn’t like some special rewards app that you have to get separated from your normal Uber app. We all know that Uber is like a ride-sharing platform, where somebody drives us from point A to point B like a freelance taxi. We take care of the payment and the tip and all of the transactions and everything through the app.

So Uber actually has a program with Visa where they’re partnered. They have cashback programs for spending in your local area. When you go to different restaurants and stores and order stuff there you can get cashback. And then, of course, you can use the same app, which is Uber to get there and get back home. So it takes care of a lot of different things in one app. However, it only works for Visa cards. This is the reason we have included in this list of the best cashback apps

20. Wikibuy

Wikibuy is basically a browser plugin that’s similar to Honey. It’s available for Google Chrome and Firefox, you can use either of those browsers. There is an iOS version as well for iPhone users. They’re like a coupon savings, shopping cart type platform. Like Honey, they put all different codes in the checkout page, where you have coupon codes that you can put in. They will help you get cashback if at all possible, and they will pretty much do it automatically. And that, of course, if you have it turned on with your extension. If you like this kind of concept, and then, of course, you can get paid via gift cards when you redeem your money.

21. Camel

Camel (camel.com) is a money-saving app and they price track for Amazon specifically. It’s an Amazon price tracker and goes to the website or their browser extension, you get access to charts and details of price history for a different product that you can find for sale on Amazon. So it can help you get cash back and save money from Amazon specifically. So if you’re someone who’s like a frequent Amazon user, that would be a really good way to get the best price and save money and get cash back.

22. Cashback Monitor

This another cashback portal type. You buy something aad then they give you the cashback in your account and then you use your points to cash out. This is similar to eBay. They show you in the charts the most views stores or sorted by rewards and the amount of cashback. So if you want to see like the ones that give you the biggest rewards, you’ll look at the chart.

You can also customize your own way of sorting this, but they have a way to sort rewards. You have Angie’s List, which helps you find different things. So there are all kinds of different products that you might not have even heard of. They also have major ones like Amazon up to 10%, Walmart, eBay, BestBuy, etc. So you get cashback for going through the website and then buying it.

23. FlipGive

This is more towards a shared cause to help with something and to make the world a little better. Instead of just collecting money, you would do it for raising fun. A few examples would be for your kids soccer team or your racing team, your friend’s doctor bills, something like that. It’s like a fundraising type thing but it gives you like cashback. They have an online portal like eBay and they have different retailers that are affiliated with. They give you a portion of the cashback and then it goes towards them. So some sort of Cause instead of just going straight to your pocket.

24. Snap by Groupon

Snap by Groupon which is snap.groupon.com. Through this, you can get 4% cashback. Snap by Groupon is available for both Apple and Android devices. It gives you cashback using Groupon, a coupon type site that uses everything online. And once your account reaches $20, you can request a payment via check in the mail. So they have a grocery items, all kinds of different things on there. Of course, Groupon really covers a lot of different things. So if you want to scan receipts and get cashback and stuff through Groupon. This is one of the biggest brands out there as far as this kind of cashback is a concern.

25. Shopmium

Last but not least, is Shopmium. One thing you need to keep in mind is you need to select your respective country. They have all kinds of supermarket offers like ibotta or Receipt Hog. They have an app for Android and Apple. Shopmium gives you cashback for purchasing certain products. Just take a picture and upload to the app. You can get your Cashback directly sent to your bank or via PayPal, the way you get paid.

So that’s it on best cashback apps and websites. If you thought this post is helpful, please share and also we’d love to hear from you and get your feedback.

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