Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android & iOS 2021

These are the best free cryptocurrency apps that you can use to trade and keep up to date with all the latest news in the cryptocurrency space. If you’re getting into Cryptos, these Crypro apps are going to help you do everything, and get everything that you need to keep on top of all your trades. In this post, we’ll give you the best exchange apps, wallet apps, news apps, and a bunch of other apps, that are completely free to use that can help you.

best cryptocurrency apps

Some of these apps do have paid features, you actually need money to go ahead and trade. Some of these offer free account opening and get a lot of really great information on exchanges. If you are looking to get into cryptocurrencies for the first time, and you don’t know where to start. Here are the best crypto apps to help you start.


There are other exchanges that we use and think are very good as well. But Binance had to be on the list here. We also do recommend Coinbase and Kraken for certain types of people, and certain types of traders, depending on what you need. You might choose one or the other. Coinbase is very consumer-friendly, very easy to use and has good looking apps and desktop applications.

But for us Binance takes it for a few reasons, it has everything in one space. The amount of products that Binance offers really just beats out the rest of the competition. Binance has all the features of the other apps, plus a few more. It gives you really simple training features like the Convert feature that you can simply use to trade one currency for another. It also has more advanced trading features as well.


It also has good charting tools, where you can save stake, and also do a lot of other investments with your Cryptos. The amount of all coins supported on Binance is extraordinary. And really, if you are looking to trade, any type of coin, you can pretty much rest assured that you’ll find it to trade on Binance. It does depend on what kind of user you are though and where you reside, as to which exchange you can use.

Binance has two versions Binance, and Binance US if you’re in the States. Binance US is a little bit different, and the products and cryptocurrencies offered are a little bit different between the two.

It also has incredibly low trading fees, you’ll be paying 0.1% as a trading fee on their system. If you use fiat deposits, it’s incredibly low, but you can also use Binance coin to reduce further to 0.075. It’s a great deal of course they want you to get into their system and get into holding Binance coin, but you do get a big discount.

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Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet

Once you’ve bought some cryptocurrencies, you might look into an online wallet or a mobile wallet. These wallets allow you to store some of your currencies and allow you to take control of something called private keys. Private keys are essentially just a password that enables you to control the cryptocurrencies associated with that wallet.

Trust Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet

There are a lot of wallet apps on the app store, Trust, Coinbase Wallet and Bitcoin Wallet are among the best and trusted ones.  We’ve chosen Trust Wallet here, mainly because we chose Binance, as the exchange. If you chose Coinbase, as the exchange, then you’d go for Coinbase Wallet because there is a lot of advantages.

For example, if you trade on Coinbase, all transfers between Coinbase account and Coinbase wallet are completely free of charge. Gas fees or network fees to send cryptocurrency from one wallet to another can be extremely high.

Using Coinbase is a big advantage, you can send cryptocurrencies from your Coinbase to your Coinbase Pro to your Coinbase wallet, free of charge. Including all other wallets that are owned by you free of charge as well. Binance has a few tricks up its sleeve. It has Binance Smart Chain that is supported in Trust Wallet. Including a very good supported list of cryptocurrencies with interest on it as well.

In fact, Trust Wallet supports over 160,000 assets, which is a lot, actually, it’s not just cryptocurrencies. There are other types of Cryptos decentralized apps and many other different types of coins including NF T’s.

All of these wallets anyway are completely free, you can set them up, then it will give you your password. You can go ahead and use it, so why don’t you just download a few and see which one you prefer.

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One of the most popular apps for the cryptocurrency space is Coin Gecko. It is a news and information site that gives you prices. If you watch cryptocurrency videos, you’ll probably see everyone using coin Gecko, as the source of information for pricing and market moves. It is a really professional site and has all the info that you need to really understand how prices are moving.


It also aggregates news from around the globe, so expect to see articles from other popular publications like coin desk, coin gecko. It is the go-to for a quick look at how the market is doing. For some reason, it seems to be the most popular way to do this coin market cap and a pretty good one.

Most people have centred on coin Gecko for this though, and you can get really good information about crypto. For example, how many coins are in circulation, the total amount of coins could be in circulation. Including other price movements over various periods of time.

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Next comes something called a crypto tracking app or a portfolio tracker. You can use these services to track your portfolio and see all of the intricate details about the moves of each cryptocurrency. How much each crypto is in your balance, and a lot of other unique insights about your holdings.


We’ve chosen Blockfolio here as it is one of the most popular options. Now, recently block folio actually suffered somewhat of a hack. Fortunately, no trading accounts, customer information and trading information were compromised.

None of the trading systems was hacked into Blockfolio and was actually recently sold in a $150 million deal by a firm called FTX which is a crypto Exchange. This is the reason why Blockfolio now offers trading on its platform. They also have a feature called Blockfolio Signal with this. You can actually receive news and updates directly from the blockchain.

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Blockfi and Celsius

Next, up is something called a crypto app and depending on who you are and how much cryptocurrency you hold. These could be a vital source of funds and liquidity, we actually recommend two and depending on where you live. You might choose one or the other. Now, if you’re in the States, you might want to go for Blockfi. If you’re outside of the States, you might want to have a look at Celsius. Blockfi is looking to offer its services to more countries.


Both Blockfi and Celsius, are the same service though, under a couple of different brands, they offer crypto financial services. You can use these platforms to borrow and lend. So if you have cryptocurrency that you want to earn a return on. Then you can lend that out and earn very high rewards. It’s very common for financial institutions to do this, banks, hedge funds liquidity providers.

They do it every day with the services as well, though you can actually use your crypto assets to borrow, hold hard cash. If you are holding Bitcoin since a few $1,000, and you probably have significant funds and profits. Why sell Bitcoin when in all likelihood, the value is going to keep rising for the next decade or more.


Well, instead you can actually use your Bitcoin holdings as collateral and borrow cash for as little as 1% APR. There are risks, of course, though, especially in the crypto space with how prices move. But if you have Bitcoin and want to borrow cash at 1%, maybe a good deal for you versus more than that in a bank.

However, you can’t put up cryptocurrencies as collateral to borrow against them. It might be a good fit for some people and not for others. So be sure to look out for their services, and see if it’s right for you before jumping in.

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eToro is a full-service brokerage app, and it let you trade cryptocurrencies. With eToro, you can trade Cryptos, normal stocks and shares. Also, you can do something called Copy trading. Copy trading is when you actually copy all of the trades of other professional fund managers. One for one basis, automatically without doing anything yourself.

eToro is different from crypto exchanges, when you use other apps, you’re buying and selling cryptocurrency. And that crypto is on your account, and that is yours and you have to make sure that you store it safely, either in a mobile wallet or a hardware wallet.


There are other certain things that you have to take into account with eToro. Though you’re trading something different. Usually, on eToro you’re trading CFD, which is just a financial product that tracks the prices of all of the assets that you can trade.

For example, Amazon shares, Apple shares and now Bitcoin and Ethereum. The benefit of this is that it is extremely low cost. Actually, you don’t pay any commission at all. eToro makes some money in the spread.

This is very normal for that type of app, it’s also very simple and easy to trade Cryptos. You don’t have custody of the cryptocurrencies and so you’re not ever going to get hacked. Also, you don’t have to worry about sending cryptos and paying high gas fees. This might attract a lot of you that just want to get exposure to the cryptocurrency space.

eToro also does provide though two cryptocurrency exchanges- eToro X and eToro wallet. So if you want to go with eToro and their exchange service they do have those services as well. You can use a lot of the same information and accounts for all of them. So with eToro, you’ve pretty much covered all basis.

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Crypto News

Next up is the crypto news app, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s an app that gives you a really great aggregation of all the biggest news sites and best news articles in cryptocurrency. If you like news aggregators, especially the crypto news and all the top headlines from around the space, this is a good choice. It deserves a worthy mention on the list. If you’re looking for the latest news, articles from around the globe. Crypto News does what it says in the title.

Crypto news

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If you really into the crypto space, and you want to educate yourself and get really good information, then you have to download Telegram. Telegram is the de facto messenger of crypto people, and it’s like WhatsApp. There’s lots of crypto-focused channels and even blockchain companies that have channels too.


These are public, so can broadcast to a lot of users at once. They can have a direct conversation with people that follow them, which is very important. Telegram also holds itself out by being more secure and using better encryption than WhatsApp. Well, that’s what they say.

Anyway, if you really want to keep up to date with all the grassroots of what’s going on in the crypto space, especially the blockchains that you follow, and even hold, then telegram is the place to do that.

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That concludes our list of completely free helpful cryptocurrency apps. Go and try them out and see which ones you like to use.


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