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Are you looking for a good budget app to help you manage your home or family expenses and income? HomeBudget app is a good choice for that matter. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices. The Home Budget app serves the purpose, it directly takes you to your bank, and lets you configure various aspects to help you manage your budget. Setup is easy, it just takes you a few minutes, the home screen has a sleek looking screen and some tools to take you along. This app basically tries to help you with its useful tools. This post will walk you through all the features and where to download home Budget app.

HomeBudget tracks your income, expenses, bills-due including your account balances. It is an integrated expense tracker and support for budgeting and analysis of your expenses and income. All these in an informative manner such as charts and graphs.

Download Home Budget App

Features of Home Budget App

HomeBudget app has two main key differentiating features. One is the integrated set of features. This means that all the features are integrated within the app’s home screen for easy budgeting. The second is the Family sync feature. This feature provides advanced feature connects devices of the family members and sync them in real-time.
One amazing thing about this feature is that it supports different operating systems such as Android, iPhone, and iPad.

This allows for exchanging income and expense information. It works together within a single budget. Once you setup, the app will sync all the devices with each other automatically. This sync works across all devices and features. For a detailed guide on this, you can check the official website of this app.

Other Amazing Features

Expenses: The expenses feature allows users to create, Edit, Delete expenses including recurring expenses. With a clean, user-friendly interface and beautiful layout, users can easily browse through expense entries by month, category and. You can also drill down in detail for each entries. The app provides an option to associate an account and payee with an account in a few taps. You can also attach photos of receipts, drag them and resize images on the screen. With the search feature, one can easily search for expense entries and it will display the most relevant results.

Features of Home Budget App

Income: Like the expenses feature, you can Create, Edit, Delete income and recurring income within the dashboard. You can also Optionally associate an account with the income. The Income feature has similar features with the above features.

Bills: Like the above mentioned two features, you can create, Edit, Delete bills and recurring bills. the bill feature supports for Payees. This feature allows users to track their payments made by the Payee. one of the best features offered by this app is the ability to make payments. Users can easily make a payment on bills within the app. This can be made either an expense or as a transfer. The app presents you all your transaction history in a list, which you can access by date, month and year. It also has a very useful tool to remind you of your bills.

Categories and Budget: This feature gives the users the ability to create, Edit, Delete expense categories including the sub-categories. Under this, one can set their own budget, and track their expenses by categories that include sub-category level as well. Here, you can assign Associate icons with the categories and also reorder the categories display order in a list.

You can easily rollover your budget anytime and make certain changes. The app also lets users classify their expenses into different categories. These include fixed, variable and discretionary. users can also compute their disposable income with the tools provided in the app.

Accounts: The account section supports Accounts such as Savings, Credit, Debit, Cash, Checking, etc. Users can easily access these accounts with a few taps and make an audit. Users can accurately track their account balances by associating their expenses and income entries with their accounts. In this section, you can view your transaction history, and perform transactions such as transferring cash between accounts.

Reports: This gives users detailed reports in an interactive chart for all the features. Here, you can get all the charts for your expenses, Budget and Income and sources for the last 6 months. Expense break-down in Pie and Bar charts for better visualization. To back up or export these reports, users can also export data by email id or via WiFi connection.

Family Sync: In the Family version, the app sync automatically all the phone devices used by the family members. This allows family members to see the same budget with other members of the family.

Design and Other Features: The home screen has widgets for quick access to all the features. For safety and security measures, the app can be password protected. It also gives users the ability to upload their own custom category icons for all the features. The app has a large numeric keypad for better using and entry of expense, income data entry. It has the ability to backup and restores complete data, including receipts. Home Budget apps adjust to the locale setting on the user’s device and display date and currency symbols according to the user location.

Honest Reviews

The home Budget app is complete enough to provide a massive amount of options and conveniences. Yet it is simple enough to use without trouble. Furthermore, it has a great presentation and the sync option with other family members is much better than we thought. This app is a brilliant tool to manage home finances at any level. It allows for excellent monitoring and planning of money in a quick and easy way. With the app being capable of being linked to a computer version longer sessions are more comfortable.

home budget app reviews

We feel that it needs a little bit of work to make it more user-friendly. Some small tweaks like remembering the last category or account when entering an expense will make it easier to use. The elements need to be a bit bigger, scalable with the screen size. We would like to see a projected balance based on the spending and bills, as well as spending per category. Just download Home budget App and give it a try.

I own this app on every platform they offer and have used it for nearly 10 years. As an accountant I find, it offers the most functionality with the most efficient interface of the ones I’ve tested. I use it daily and rely on it quite a bit. After switching from iOS to Android several months back I find it’s more stable here than on Apple. It would have sync issues occasionally there but I’ve not really had any problems on Android. I agree with some of the other reviews that recurring entries can be an issue occasionally but deleting old legacy recurring bills/expenses and recreating them for me has seemed to fix any issues I had.~ Mark.

I have been using this app for the last 4 years now. The biggest plus is family synchronization and searches with a keyword. With every service of my car, I enter the note, kilometers the car has traveled and the name of the mechanic who serviced it. All these are searchable. I wish the same functionality could also be provided in the income category and subcategories as in expenses. ~ John.

I’ve tried many finance apps in the past, but this beats all of them hands down. The icing on the cake is the excellent sync feature. Not only do I know where our finances are at but so does my wife on her mobile. But there again my wife always kept reminding me we have no money so did I really need this app. It would be nice if I could have it in the family library. ~ Mary.

I am using this app with my home PC as the primary device and two mobiles that sync with it. The system works beautifully for quick and easy day to day budgeting once you’ve completed the initial setup. It’s versatile enough to provide the essentials to lite users but has plenty of customization for users who want to set up their own categories or upload their own icons and more. You can enter just the minimum information for each item or go as far as to include details such as account numbers and payee contact details. One of the best budgeting apps I’ve ever used with great developers who address issues promptly. ~ Kerry.

App Information:

Size: 4.0MB on Android.
Requirements: Android 4.4 and up.
Content Rating: Rated for 3+
Offered By Anishu, Inc.

Download Home Budget App

There are two versions, one is the Home Budget with Sync and the other version is Home Budget with Sync Lite. Lite is the free version while the later is Paid or Premium version. The Premium versions cost around $5. Download Home Budget App at your respective app store.

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