10 Best Mobile Banking Apps in the USA (Android & iOS)

The advent of smartphones along with various applications has completely changed the way we lead our daily lives. There are plenty of applications for all aspects of life. From reading emails, news and shopping. There is hardly any field that has not been touched by smartphone technology. Even in the banking sector, the mobile phone has revolutionized the industry to a great extent. This post will provide you with some of the best mobile banking apps in the US or US banking apps to help you easily manage your bank account with ease.

Mobile banking applications offer many advantages like getting real-time account information. Easy transactions such as recharging, shopping, online payments for flight, movie tickets and many more. All the major banks in the United States now offer mobile banking apps with many unique features.

There are also other players or third party banking apps that offer banking operations or solutions. Some of these apps allow users to make all kinds of transactions such as payments and transfers with a few taps.

Mobile banking apps come very handy and are a great help in maintaining one’s bank account. With these mobile banking apps, you now no longer need to go to your bank and perform transactions. These mobile banking apps do not only make the transaction faster and convenient, but it also saves your time as well. They give us total financial freedom.

Best Mobile Banking Apps in the US

Of course, one has the freedom to use any banking apps of a dedicated bank or third party apps to open a new account, check account balance, pay bills, apply for loans, online fund transfer and much more. Mobile banking apps offer many benefits that are worth using and some are getting increasingly better. Without much further ado, let’s see some of the best recommended mobile banking apps in the United States of America.

Finding or choosing apps is not an easy task from thousands of apps in the app store. To make things easier for you and help you determine which bank to open an account. Or curious about the online banking apps that your current bank has to offer. Whatever your needs may be, this post will try to list and break down some of the best mobile banking apps or tools provided by some of the banks and other third parties.

We prepared our list based on the popularity of the app, which is measured by the number of installs and user ratings and reviews. Also, taking into consideration some of the features offered by these apps while evaluating them. Some of these are;

Free: Most mobile banking apps usually come free of charge. No one wants to spend an extra dollar for use of the app. However, the bank may offer the app free download, but some services or features within the app may come with a fee. This is normal.

Friendly UI: Apps should have a user-friendly interface and easy to use. It should let users easily manage your banking transactions and perform other tasks.

Limitations: Limitations are another feature to consider. All banks have particular limitations on their apps such as account type, deposit, transfer, timeframes, generating account statements and other functionalities.

Security: Security is the most important feature that needs to be concerned about. The safety of one’s bank account is the most important thing. Banking apps need to have top security features to keep the account safe from fraudulent activities or technical glitches.

Best Mobile Banking Apps in the US

Considering the above here’s is a list of some of the best mobile banking apps in the US that you can trust and use for your mobile banking operations. We also suggest you go through this blog to know some of the best banking apps that are available.

1. Bank of America
2. Ally Mobile
3. Chase
4. Capital One Mobile
5. Simple – Better Banking
6. TD Bank Online Banking
7. Wells Fargo Mobile Banking
8. U.S. Bank
9. PNC Mobile App
10. U by BB&T

1. Bank of America App

Bank of America offers one of the smartest and secure banking apps in the US. It has incorporated features or functionalities to meet customer needs. Let’s see some of the features that the Bank of America offers in its app.

Simple UI: Bank of America app has a clean, simple and friendly user interface. All the features and functions can be accessed with a simple tap. There are complicated functions that involved, one can easily browse through the app easily.

Easy Account Management: You can easily manage your Bank Accounts and Finances within the app. The app lets you view your recent activities such as transactions. You can also check your balances, savings and credit card accounts associated with your bank account.

Bank of America App

The ability to view mortgage, auto loan and other balances. There are also settings or the ability to activate or replace credit/debit cards. You can also order check copies and set alerts for your account and security information.

Mobile Transfer & Payment: Bank of America app does support mobile transfer and receive funds securely. This is done with Zelle® using a mobile number or email address associated with your bank account. The app also lets you schedule, edit, cancel payments or pay various bills.

Check Deposit: This is another good feature that the app is offering. You can perform a mobile Check Deposit by simply taking photos of checks to deposit them. The app immediately processes the deposits and you can see real-time processing deposits.

Security: To help you stay secure with your bank account, the app lets you change an Online ID or Passcode. It has some advanced security features such as setting up Touch ID® or Face ID® to securely sign in to the app instead of using your Passcode. If there are any suspected fraudulent activity on your account or debit/ credit card, the app will instantly notify you. This will help you to verify your transactions and unblock your card.

The app also offers special offers and deals, contact page for any doubts to reach a representative. The Bank of America app comes with an Apple watch support as well.

2. Ally Mobile

Ally Mobile is another wonderful banking app that comes with both Banking features and investment features. The app is completely free and available for both Android and iOS devices. Ally Mobile app is fast and secure which makes your banking tasks at your fingertips. Developed on 3 simple ideas: do right, talk straight, and be obviously better. Ally Mobile is a branchless bank that you access either through the app or through the website. All you need to have is your online banking username and password.

Below are some of its features or factors that make it one of the best mobile banking apps. Some of its features are:

Account overview: With a simple and user-friendly interface, Ally Mobile allows users to easily check their balances, view transaction history, statements, and tax forms. You can find nearby ATMs, and set up and manage your debit card and have complete control over it.

ally mobile app

Deposits and Transfers: With Ally app, users can pay bills, see scheduled payments and review payment history. You can easily make a mobile deposit using the Ally eCheck app. Users can also deposit checks by just taking a picture with their mobile phone.

With the bank’s Zelle service it also allows you to send and receive money using your email address or a phone number. The app also allows you to set up direct deposit or even receive incoming wire transfers.

Investing features: Unlike many other banking apps, Ally comes with some useful investing features. with this app, you can trade stocks with multi-leg options right within your smartphone. You can also monitor your investments with streaming quotes. You also get access to the latest market news and market movers.

Customer Service: Ally Bank has one of the best customer services even though they don’t have a physical branch. The app has an Assist function to get answers to questions regarding your accounts, schedule transfers or payments, and many more. It also has a voice-enabled service that is built into the app. Even if you want to reach them by phone, they have 24/7 live customer service to speak to a representative. It also has a live chat feature that many banks do not offer.

3. Chase

Chase was one of the first major banks to launch digital banking has one of the best mobile banking apps. The Chase mobile has a user-friendly interface. It allows users to easily navigate through the tools and functions by just swipes and clicks. The Chase mobile app is available for Android, iOS and Windows phones.

With the Chase mobile banking app, you can easily handle most of your banking needs. You can bank from almost anywhere, manage your accounts, pay bills, deposit, transfer money safely and securely with your phone. With the advanced Chase mobile app, you are in total control of your bank accounts.

Account Overview: You can check your account with just a few taps. Account Preview such as rewards status, current, past transactions, savings or credit card activities. You can also see how much you owe, schedule a payment for your Chase credit card, mortgage or other loan or line of credit. You can also set up Account Alerts and notification preferences on your account activity.

chase mobile app

Deposits, Payments & Transfers: Like most banking apps, with Chase mobile app you can make payments, transfer funds, and deposit checks. If you are enrolled in Chase Online Bill Pay, you can send and receive money, wire money transfer to and from non-Chase accounts in the U.S. Other bills such as utilities, service providers, and credit cards can also be made.

It also allows you to deposit checks simply by taking a picture of the check and submitting it through the app. Not only that, but it also allows users to deposit personal, business, and U.S. Treasury checks. With Chase mobile banking app, you can make credit card payments to your Chase credit card.

Security: The Chase Mobile app is very secure and uses a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that encrypts users’ personal information. This makes it one of the most secure mobile banking apps. The apps protect usernames, passwords, and account information. Any information sent through the app is encrypted and then decoded by the app. Not only that, but the app also uses multi-factor authentication.

4. Capital One Mobile

Capital One Mobile is one of the highest-rated mobile banking apps. It is free and available for both Android and iOS devices. Capital One easily lets you manage your bank accounts, credit cards, home and auto loans on the go. Capital One has integrated Sureswipe and TouchID into its app, which makes switching between different profiles or accounts quite easily. These functions save time and make it one of the best mobile banking apps.

Friendly UI: Capital One Mobile comes with a clean and easy to use interface. The app allows users to easily navigate between accounts, features or functions. Accessing different accounts within your profile is very simple which can be done by simply swiping right or left to view a particular account. You can also drag your accounts and arrange them in whatever order you wish.

Capital One Mobile app

View Accounts: Like all other apps, Capital One Mobile lets you view multiple account balances, account details such as recent activity and other information. Also, the ability to export your account statements. It also has a branch and ATM locator to help you quickly locate and reach them. You can also open new checking accounts as well.

Deposits, Payments & Transfers: The app supports making deposits of the check by just taking a photo and upload it. With simple swipes and taps, you can manage all of your bill payments. You can also make customize payments such as one-time payments or auto-pay to your bills. You can also easily make transfers to other Capital One accounts or accounts at other financial institutions.

Other features include activating a credit or debit card, lightning-fast Fingerprint or SureSwipe® login, real-time notifications and excellent customer support.

5. Simple – Better Banking

The Simple – Better Banking is another great mobile banking apps. This app is not only a banking app but also functions as a budgeting app. The app has a Safe-to-Spend feature that takes your account balance and then deducts any upcoming bills. This is useful and helps you with your budget planning and saving money. Simple – Better Banking is a branchless banking application that is completely free to use.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices. Simple is different from traditional banking apps, it is a detailed budgeting application. Please note that Simple – Better Banking accounts are only available for people who are 18 and over and have a social security number. Let’s see some of its main features and functions.

Smart & Clean: As the name itself, Simple – Better Banking has a clean and simple design. The design is user-friendly with the whole idea of online banking. once easily access to all the tools and functions with just a few taps.

Account Overview: Unlike most banking apps, Simple – Better Banking app not only view your bank account details but also your available balance that is calculated by assessing your goals and the upcoming bill payments and pending transactions. The app lets you view detailed budgeting and banking features within one place.

Simple – Better Banking app

Goals Saving tool: This is one of the unique features of Simple – Better Banking app which gives users the ability to set their specific saving goals. This smart feature will deduct according to your customization to save for that goal.

Payments and transfers: Simple – Better Banking app makes payments and transfers simply with a few taps. With this app, you can make or set up bill payments or transfers. It gives the users the ability to transfer money to other Simple customers or even to banks at another institution. Simple also partnered with STARsf® to provide ATM access without any withdrawal fees.

Card activation & Reset PIN: It also allows users to activate or deactivate their Debit cards. Also, the ability to reset their PIN as well.

Support: Simple has a wonderful customer support 24×7 within the app, phone, or web.

Security: Simple – Better Banking is designed to be very secure. You can also add layers of security and also has the ability to lock and Unlock account including card locking service.

6. TD Bank Online Banking

TD Bank Online Banking provides secure on-the-go access to your bank accounts along with powerful and intuitive tools for managing them. Like most banking apps, TD Bank Online Banking app allows users to view account balances, pay bills, transfers, deposits and set up text alerts. It is completely free and available for both Android and iOS devices.

View Account: Like most banking apps, TD Bank allows users to view their up-to-date balance and transaction history, including pending transactions. View account balances and activity including check images and statements reviews. It also has a tool to help users to locate or find the nearest TD Bank location. TD Banks also allows users to apply for more accounts and products within the app.

Deposit checks: TD Bank has a convenient check-capture tool that allows users to deposit a check. This can be done using a data-enabled smartphone. Depositing checks are easy, all you have to do is just take a picture of the check and upload it.

TD Bank Online Banking

Payments & Transfers: TD Bank lets users easily make pay various bills to almost any accounts. It also gives users the option to make immediate or future-dated transfers between their accounts.

Security: TD Bank has extensive security features to make sure that you can conduct your banking operations in a safe environment. It uses 128-Bit Data Encryption security features. It also has a two-step verification.

Support: It also provides Live Customer Service 24/7.

7. Wells Fargo Mobile Banking

Wells Fargo Mobile Banking app is another popular app that makes everyday banking tasks simplified. It is free and available for both Android and iOs. It provides quick access to your bank account and can handle all kinds of transactions. With Wells Fargo Mobile Banking app, you can easily manage your accounts, make deposits, transfer funds, and pay bills, all within the app with just a few taps. Below are some of the main features;

Account Management: Quickly access your accounts With Fingerprint login feature, you can easily access your bank account and have an overview. You can review your activity and balances, view your credit card transactions and manage your rewards program. You can also easily activate or replace credit/debit cards.

Wells Fargo Mobile Banking app

Deposit, Transfers, and Payments: The app supports making check deposits and lets you view the real-time processing of your deposit. It also lets you make the transfer of funds to any accounts. You can also make a secure payment of any bills. Not only that, but you can also monitor balances, holdings and account activities.

Security: Wells Fargo Mobile Banking app I built to be very secure. You can report any suspected fraudulent activities to keep your accounts safe. You can also configure and receive real-time alerts and get notified of suspicious activity.

8. U.S. Bank

The U.S. Bank Mobile App is an advanced banking app and gives users all the basic set of financial tools. It allows users to easily, conveniently and securely manage their finances on the go. With this app, users can check balance, locate ATMs and branches, deposit checks, pay bills and many more. Available for Android and iOS and it is completely free. Lets some of the main functions of this app.

U.S. Bank app

Account Management: With a friendly user interface design of the app, you can easily access your accounts. You can view your balances, savings and credit accounts, recent transaction history. You can also see credit card and brokerage accounts and view eStatements and transaction history for most accounts.

You can also easily manage your bills in one place and schedule eligible payments for the amount and date you choose. You can also cancel any time before processing.

Deposits, Transfers: You can easily make check deposits by using the camera of your phone and upload the same. You can also transfer funds between your U.S. Bank accounts and other banks. It also has the ability to set up recurring transfers to make saving easier. The app will also deliver eBills right to your account from billers.

Security: U.S. Bank uses advanced encryption and firewall technology to keep your account safe.

9. PNC Mobile App

No. 9 in our list is the PNC Mobile App which is offered by PNC to allow customers to bank conveniently and access theirs with ease. The app is available for Android and iOS free of cost. With PNC Mobile App, users can view their account statements, pay bills, deposit checks, review account activities, transfer money and many more. Some of its features are highlighted below;

Account Management: Users can check their account balances, savings, and credit card accounts. Users can also view recent transaction history and search functions for specific transactions by date, amount, or check number. The app can help users to locate the nearest PNC Bank Branch or ATM using the built-in Location Services.

PNC Mobile App

Deposits, Transfers, and Payments: By using a phone camera, users can click on the checks and upload them to the app. When PNC Express approved your uploaded check, it gives you the option to either chose for a fee or make the full amount available immediately for withdrawals and purchases. You can also transfer funds between your eligible PNC banking accounts and other accounts. The app also allows users to make one-time bill payments to billers or send money to any account.

Security: With PNC, your security and privacy are protected. You set and increase your security settings and get real-time alerts on your debit/credit card and account activity.

10. U by BB&T

U by BB&T is the official app of the North Carolina-based BB&T’s. It comes with a unique approach, the app lets users decide which features to turn on or off. It lets users check account balances, review account activity and transfer money between accounts. Also access to Banking, Mortgage, Lending, and various investment plans.

Account Management: Users can take complete control of their finances, create a budget, set goals, analyze investments and many more.

U by BB&T app

Check Deposit, Payments & Transfers: With U by BB&T mobile app, users no need to head to the bank or ATM to deposit a check. Users can send bill payments to the recipients they designate by electronic funds transfer or paper check. Users also transfer money between accounts and to other bank accounts.

Security: BB&T is committed to protecting client financial data and keeps the safety and privacy of customers information at the forefront. To ensure the confidentiality of user account information, a multilayered security approach has been built into BB&T mobile banking products.

Alerts: You can set to get various alerts such as overspending, missing payment due dates and much more. You can also get instant notification of important account activities.

That concludes our post on Best Mobile Banking Apps in the US for the year 2020. We hope that you find these best US banking apps useful and helpful in managing your accounts and finances.


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